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Mupen64Plus Netplay + Much More!

As we roll around to 1.4 (which is coming soon folks, I promise), we have once again sparked the interests of developers around the world. Although netplay might not see the official 1.4 release, it is coming around the corner like a fast car. We can thank orbitaldecay for joining the project team to provide us with custom netplay code. This means we will not be using the dead remains of what was once Kaillera. Our netplay code is expected to be faster with less delay then ever seen with an online Nintendo 64 Emulator, also when the time comes, it will be cross-platform.

Another thing few things that we are working on at this point in time is the Rom Cache System, which is very similiar in function to Project64's Rom Database. Also the debugger, which should be a blessing to all you ROM hackers is expected to make it into the 1.4 release. Mupen64Plus is always looking for new developers for any platform, feel free to stop by in IRC and chitchat aswell. (irc.freenode.net #mupen64plus)

I guess that's all for now...

- okaygo


Как видите работа идет полным ходом и это радует :)